Mother's Path - A Natural Approach to Infertility "If we want to create extraordinary babies, let's start by creating extraordinary mothers."

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  • So frequently women ask, ‘What can I do to become pregnant?’If a woman wants to become a mother, she must first become the best mother she can possibly be to herself - in every area of her life. When a woman chooses to nurture herself, making this a priority, she increase her chances for bringing a child into this world.

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We live in a culture that has little regard for “self-nurturing”. Many women today, are traveling at a velocity that is greatly out of rhythm with who they are. What I have observed in 21 years of clinical experience is that modern day stress has become an unintentional form of birth control.

Redefining the Path to Infertility

Around 2001, I began noticing a growing trend among female patients in my NYC practice. Women with non-related fertility issues in their 20’s and 30’s were mirroring the same lifestyle markers as those in the throws of infertility treatment. Both groups of women were eating on the run, skipping meals, working 10-plus hours a day, too much caffeine and too little time for themselves. Sadly, I knew from years of experience, the women with “non-related” fertility issues would eventually end up back in my office down the road facing their own fertility challenges if they didn’t incorporate lifestyle changes. And, that is EXACTLY what I started to see.

”In today’s hectic world, many of us react as if being charged by a tiger in the jungle—a consequence of living in a perpetual low-grade flight or fight response. This creature of the wild has another name, modern day stress.”

Mother’s Path Program May Be the Answer for YOU!

Mother’s Path - an innovative program, embracing the challenges of today's infertility. I can offer you a structured way to reshape your life that encourages conception while minimizing the risk of miscarriage. YOUR fertility is not just about your age or the quality of a your eggs. Reproductive health is ALSO a reflection of your overall female health!

Factors That Could Be Impacting Your Conception:

• Elevated Cortisol Levels
• Fluctuating Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels
• Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)
• Sub-Clinical Thyroid
• Gut & Digestive Issues
• Food Sensitivity/Allergies
• Environmental Toxins

Mother’s Path Program Can Help You and Your Partner
Achieve Optimal Hormonal Health Through a Comprehensive
Evaluation of the Following:

• Daily Lifestyle Choices
• Diet
• Work habits
• Stress management
• Sleep...
• I am a fertility detective and will leave no stone unturned!

A Personalized “Preconception” Fertility Program:

No two women are exactly alike! My Mother’s Path program is customized to meet YOUR specific fertility needs and includes the following:
• Nutritional Coaching
• Personalized Supplementation
• Fertility Enhancing Lifestyle Suggestions
• Detoxification
• Acupuncture (An important option to enhance YOUR fertility.)


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Did You Know?

“…Detox is also essential and has nothing to do with subsisting on six bottles of celebrity juice. There was a great study conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2005 where they drew blood from ten umbilical cords and found 287 toxins, ranging from pesticides to mercury to petroleum-based compounds. That means that mom is passing these along to the infant,” Richichi explains. “I put my clients on a program with certain supplements that start filtering the liver, the kidneys and cleaning up the gut on a cellular level..."

– Meg Richichi
Path to Motherhood