About Meg Richichi M.S., L.Ac.

“Ultimately, it is what we bring forth into our world that gives birth to who we are each and every day; how we nurture ourselves nurtures our wellness. I am committed to “de-mystifying” hormonal issues and various ailments plaguing women in today's world.”


An Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner and acupuncturist for 21 years, Meg blends both Eastern and Western Modalities in her practice. Her extensive studies and experience includes training at a leading hospital in Vietnam, herbology and shamanic healing practices in the Brazilian Rain Forest and training in holistic-functional medicine in the U.S. Meg uses her collective knowledge and experience to focus on women's health issues, including stress related hormonal imbalances, infertility, weight issues and acute/chronic pain disorders. Her practice includes nutritional counseling, acupuncture and personalized supplement programs. Meg recently relocated from New York City to Charleston, South Carolina.

A lecturer and radio host much in demand, Meg has spoken to a wide range of groups, including- "Food For Thought", a Women’s Health & Wellness series on VoiceAmerica Radio, NYU Nursing Program, New York Hospital for Special Surgery, NYU Medical Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates, Resolve and Equinox. Her expertise in Women’s healthcare has been the subject of several interviews, including Vogue, The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Real Simple, NPR and Refinery29.

Meg is committed to assisting women in creating wellness through her work as a health care practitioner, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She feels quite honored to walk this path with women in today's world.


“When a woman makes the conscious choice to seek a holistic approach to her wellness, she is opening new doors and taking empowering steps towards caring for her “whole being” — not just her body and mind, but her unceasing spirit.” – Meg Richichi

“Meg is phenomenal! We share quite a few patients and I truly believe her unique approach coupled with acupuncture is the answer to many of these women's hormonal issues. Also, I have never seen such high percentages of women getting pregnant with her help.” – Dana G. Cohen, M.D.

“Not only is Meg a wizardly acupuncturist when it comes to solving chronic issues in the body, but she also sets her patients on the course to overall better health. Over the years she has re-shaped my understanding of nutrition, energy, and the body. Meg has a deep understanding of the inter-workings of the hormone systems, diet, stress, and their effects on the body. Her insights have helped me to solve problems that range from chronic neck and back pain to sinus infections to skin rashes to menstrual cramping. This cross-pollination of acupuncture and nutritional and lifestyle guidance is what confirms Meg's practice as truly comprehensive (and magical at times!).” – Suzanne Dance, Financial Services Professional

Photo: Miha Matei

“The time I spend with Meg is time that I treasure. I really look forward to my sessions with her - it seems to check all the boxes for me.  She takes the time to talk to me, figure out what is going on with me physically, asks questions around my diet and eating habits and leads me down the road to balance and well being.  I have been going to her for almost four years, initially for fertility, then she helped me through my battle with cancer, now she helps me support and overall balanced life.  I look forward to what I consider "my periodic tune-up" - she keeps me on track for a balanced, energetic, organic and spiritual way of life.  She really cares about you as a patient and takes the time to understand what is going on with you specifically.  One specific example I want to share is that this year I had a terrible shoulder pain that would not go away.  I went to a special muscle doctor but he could not address it and led me to believe I had months of therapy ahead of me. During one of my visits with Meg I expressed my frustration with the shoulder and she spent the extra time trying to figure it out and she did.  One of my muscles was cramped up so deep down inside and pinching a nerve that it took special precision and care to find it.  I walked out of there a new person.  In the end, Meg is great, if you are looking to fine tune your life, look to do so with Meg!” – CV, Creative Director

“I began working with Meg for treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. Taking a diversified approach to the issue, Meg explained to me how modifications to my diet and the addition of certain vitamins and herbal supplements, in addition to regular acupuncture treatments, could mitigate my discomfort. I found that that I saw a real change in my mood and my ability to manage anxiety and panic attacks in a relatively short period of time and noticed other positive changes in my overall health, including increased energy. When my husband and I decided to start a family, I knew Meg's expertise would help us achieve that goal. With Meg's guidance, I became pregnant in a few short months and have thus far had a healthy pregnancy and no resurgence of any kind in my anxiety issues.” – Kate

“Meg is a miracle worker. I come to her when I am wound so tight, speaking so fast I can't even understand what I am saying. Whatever ache, pain, stiffness, or trauma I ride in there with... by the time I get off of her table, I am calm, centered, without pain... always in a far better place. She has an intuition that is uncanny. I have witnessed her diving into any number of different health problems and coming up with workable, holistic solutions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Sunny Bates, Leadership Marketing

“Meg Richichi is a true miracle worker. I have struggled with weight issues and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome my entire life. I used to get my period once or twice a year and now, thanks to Meg, my cycles are completely regular. Meg was the first person who was able to help me find the motivation to take positive actions and care about my health and wellness. She never preached at me or judged me. I always felt comfortable and safe asking Meg any questions or voicing any concerns I had. I also appreciate Meg's honesty and the vast amount of knowledge, experience and information she has to offer. Meg has truly changed my life and I feel blessed and lucky to know her.” – L.S.

“My work with Meg Richichi has been a major turning point for me. Her skill as an acupuncturist, combined with her guidance in improving my nutrition, has cured my ongoing hives. Meg has healed not just my skin, but my life.” – Christy English, Author

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of talented and dedicated healthcare practitioners, but Meg Richichi has always stood out amongst that crowd of professionals.  On a daily basis, her patients benefit from a thoughtful blend of cutting edge science, integrity, wisdom and compassion thast serves as a gold standard for others in the healing arts. From her highly motivating educational events to her innovative approaches to care, Meg Richichi is truly a gift to the field of Functional Medicine.” – Adam Banning, Lecturer, Senior Functional Medicine Consultant

Did You Know?

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